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The power source of the hydraulic breaker is the pressure oil provided by the excavator or the pumping station of the loader. It can more effectively clean the mud in the floating stones and rock gaps in the function of excavating the foundation of the building. The principle of selecting a hydraulic breaker is to select the most suitable hydraulic breaker according to the type of excavator and the environment of the operation.

Model and selection editing

1) The number in the hydraulic hammer model may indicate the weight or bucket capacity of the excavator. It may also indicate the weight of the hammer, or the diameter of the drill rod, or the impact energy of the hammer. In most cases, the number does not correspond to the meaning it represents, and is often a range of quantities. And sometimes the parameters of the hydraulic hammer have changed, but the model remains the same, which makes the meaning of the model number more blurred. What's more, the data is inconsistent with the actual data, and users should pay more attention.

2) The matching of the hydraulic hammer and the excavator. For the excavator user, the main consideration is the weight matching, and the power matching is also checked. For other load-bearing machines, power matching is as important as weight matching. It is also very reliable to choose a hydraulic hammer based on the experience of other users.

Inspection and maintenance of the Soosan broken hammer

As the working conditions of the Soosan broken hammer are very bad, the correct maintenance can reduce the failure of the machine and prolong the service life of the machine. In addition to the maintenance of the machine in time, we should pay attention to the following points:

 Soosan hydraulic breaker  inspection of the appearance 

1) Check whether the bolts are loose; 

2) Whether the pins of each connection are excessively worn;

3) check whether the gap between the brazing rod and the bushing is normal, whether there is oil exudation between them, indicating that the low pressure oil seal has been damaged, and the professional personnel should be replaced and lubricated.

4) The lubrication point of the working device should be lubricated before operation and 2-3 hours after each continuous operation.

5) change the hydraulic oil: the change of hydraulic oil quality is different because of the different working environment. The simple way to judge the quality of the oil is to observe the color of the oil. When the deterioration of the oil is very serious, the oil should be released, and the new oil is injected after the oil tank and the filter.

6) the main body of the broken hammer is a set of inclusion. Precision components of hydraulic circulation system, generally without special equipment factories do not decompose themselves, must be commissioned maintenance. 

 Soosan hydraulic breaker  Maintenance

1) rust prevention: when more than 3 months (wet season is 1 months) no use should be put to the cylinder body nitrogen, the impact piston to push the cylinder block, to prevent corrosion and damage to the piston seal. 

 2) replacement seal:

The actual worker needs to replace the hydraulic seals every 1000 hours. When the drill rod leaks oil, the seals at the bottom of the piston should be replaced in time.

3) hydraulic oil and filter core:

Replacement of hydraulic fluid for the first time: 250 hours; after every 600 hours. Replacement of oil filter element: the first 50 hours: after every 100 hours

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